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WSR: 03-23-22

  • Planned Parenthood Receives Funds from Biden
  • Planned Parenthood App Deceives
  • Tenacious Pro-Life People Win
  • Our Tax Dollars
  • Supreme Court Nominee Jackson

Recently, Xaviera Becerra, the US Secretary of Health and Human Services, visited Planned Parenthood of Northern New England in New Hampshire. He made the trip shortly after the Biden administration awarded a $500,000 grant, which means that Biden provided the nation’s leading abortion advocacy organization with our tax dollars. 

This is the same man who, as California attorney general, advocated for every type of abortion, including the partial-birth method. He claimed: “There is no law against” the method that kills babies at birth. 

Planned Parenthood has launched a telephone app that can only be described as sex education via robot. The CHAT BOT, as it is called, is directed at young people between the ages of 13 and 17 and is said to provide nonjudgmental information about sex. But we all know what that means in Planned Parenthood’s world. As the website says, “Roo’s answers are backed by professional health educators from Planned Parenthood, the most trusted provider of sexual education.” 

Theresa Barbale has had enough of this CHAT BOT app, so she developed a positive, pro-people alternative. Her app—My Mentor—offers positive alternatives and emotional support to teens who are struggling with the questions that Planned Parenthood resolves with stealth and deception. Barbale, who leads Florida’s Collier Community Abstinence Program, has a commitment to young people that led her to develop My Mentor. 

The Diocese of Venice is promoting Barbale’s work, reporting: “The programs have already made a difference, reducing the number of pregnancies in unwed teenagers, improving graduation rates and lowering school absenteeism. The generous donors of the annual Respect Life Collection allow the Diocese to support CCAP’s efforts as they strive to instill the pro-life message in our youth. Further information can be obtained by contacting CCAP Executive Director Theresa Barbale at 239-776-5489 or”

In January, Planned Parenthood of Western and Central New York abandoned its expansion project in Brighton—a Rochester suburb—after a grassroots coalition of residents sued the town and put pressure on PP. According to pro-lifer Carol Crossed: “We will not lower ourselves to the standards of Planned Parenthood.” 

In a debate about whether or not to add a so-called right to abortion to the Maryland state constitution, Planned Parenthood’s Karen Nelson weighed in, saying: 

Residents in rural parts of the state, low-income communities and women of color face obstacles every day in having access to abortions.

And this needs to be a grave concern to all of us, because if we don’t take active steps now and we find ourselves in a world without Roe, those who have will continue to have and those who have not will continue to have none. The threats to overturning Roe v. Wade are real and should be taken seriously.

How can anyone who equates a precious baby with a mere dollar amount sleep at night? As we see on a daily basis, that’s how Planned Parenthood rolls.

Democrats in the US House of Representatives have once again approved massive funding for Planned Parenthood. According to Indiana congressman Jim Banks, the dollar amount could be in the millions, which as he pointed out, Americans oppose. Now the funding bill will move to the Senate, and the question will be, Are there enough stalwart senators to stop the madness of paying Planned Parenthood with our money to kill babies and destroy the lives of teenagers?

While claiming that they have a commitment to help women who are suffering during the Ukrainian conflict, the reality is quite different. Live Action reported that Caroline Hickson, the European regional director of the International Planned Parenthood Foundation, said that IPPF’s focus “is on handing out birth control and emergency contraception, and giving women access to abortion. ‘If women are in Poland for any significant amount of time, they will face the same issues as Polish women face, which has a complete ban on abortion.’ Hickson said, recommending they contact an online abortion supplier, like Women on Web or Aid Access because abortion is banned in Poland.”

Waging war on babies is the deadliest strategy Planned Parenthood carries in its arsenal. It is not humanitarian aid.

In the Gospel of Matthew, we read this invitation from Christ: “So be perfect, just as your heavenly Father is perfect.” This is a challenge for any human being, and in the case of fighting Planned Parenthood, it requires a modicum of love and understanding that many of us have to dig down deep to find. Yet every time we pray for a Planned Parenthood leader, encourage others to do so, or simply take a second to pray for the people who work there, we are letting God know that we believe His power far surpasses the evil effect of those who deceive the world into believing that aborting a child is healthcare or that providing contraception to children is a duty.

Remember, the phrase “Jesus, I trust in You” can do more to end the evil in our world than anything else we might do or say.

Earlier this month, Planned Parenthood sued the state of Missouri in an effort to force the state to continue reimbursing what it defines as “healthcare.” The lawsuit alleges that the state of Missouri acted outside the law. The abortion chain claims that the state is acting in an unconstitutional manner by appropriating zero tax dollars to the abortion giant. The bottom line would appear to be that Planned Parenthood is committed to convincing everyone that its services—many of which result in the death of preborn babies and the maiming of women—are healthcare. The facts contradict the narrative.

Most importantly, abortion kills people. Each abortion robs a human being of his or her life and is intrinsically evil. Many forms of contraception can take the lives of preborn babies during their first few days of life. 

Planned Parenthood is arguing that the state of Missouri cannot deny funding based on the fact that its facilities commit abortions. A recent news report states, “Planned Parenthood leaders argued that the change will hurt Missourians’ access to health care, but the abortion chain does not provide much health care. Former CEO Leana Wen said its ‘core mission’ is abortion, and its own annual reports show that the few actual health services that it does provide, such as birth control, cancer screenings and sterilizations, have been dropping steadily in recent years, while its abortion numbers have been increasing.” 

Planned Parenthood is elated with the nomination of Ketanji Brown Jackson to the Supreme Court, saying: “This nomination arrives as our freedoms and civil liberties are in crisis. We are currently awaiting a Supreme Court decision in the Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization case that challenges a blatantly unconstitutional ban on abortion after 15 weeks of pregnancy. The Court could rule to overturn nearly 50 years of precedent, established by Roe v. Wade, and decimate abortion access in states across the country.” 

Judge Jackson ruled against the Trump administration’s effort to cut funds from Planned Parenthood, took steps to stamp out pro-life free speech, and according to the First Liberty Institute, “Her record from the beginning of her career shows hostility to religious liberty, free speech, and other constitutional rights. The American people do not want a liberal extremist on the Supreme Court. If confirmed, Judge Jackson’s judicial activism will place the constitutional rights of all Americans in jeopardy.” 

No wonder Planned Parenthood is celebrating Jackson’s nomination.