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Post-Election Thoughts

This week we saw great strides in the elections and in the decisions people made to elect pro-life leaders. But we cannot stop there. The battle will not be won if all we do is vote and hope. We must be proactive. We must pray. We must work day in and day out to stop the culture of death from getting its grips on us and our children.

Death Peddlers Have No Shame

Those who kill preborn babies may have no shame, but we who fight to give voice to these innocent children certainly do. We watch in horror as minute after minute, day after day, and week after week, babies are killed and discarded. The trail of blood is sickening and it’s a trail that we must work unceasingly to stop.

The CCHD, Wendy Davis, and the Obama connection

By Rey Flores
On November 23 and 24, 2013, we will once again be hearing from a declining number of wayward priests and bishops across the country to contribute to the annual Catholic Campaign for Human Development, more commonly known as the CCHD collection.

Doctor Executioners

If we could count the ways that physicians have become the politicians of their chosen profession, perhaps we would better understand why human lives are like poker chips, popular votes or, even worse, trash.