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voluntary miscarriage

Miscarriage: The Heartbreak and the Lies

Suffering the loss of a child through miscarriage is a tragedy that evokes a great sadness. The direct killing of a child through abortion is also a tragedy. Knowing that some Planned Parenthoods now refer to an abortion as a “voluntary miscarriage” is sickening and further compounds the heartbreak of losing a child. Today’s commentary reminds us to be cautious with our words and to support those who have lost a child at any age.

God Is Not Welcome Here

Like a small child who tells his parent, I can do it myself man has repeatedly pushed God away. We seem to be telling God the same thing, yet it’s not just independence we want from Him; it’s autonomy and control. We are telling God we have no use for Him any longer. We now see the destruction this causes in lives, in families, in society. When will it end?