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Science Run Amok

Science fiction was once just that-fiction. They were stories meant to frighten us, to make us wary of what the future might hold. Well, now we seem to be living that future. And we should be very worried.

Peter Singer’s Utopia

Noted animal rights philosopher Peter Singer recently delivered an address to students at the Stevens Institute on the topic of “Ethics and the Election.”

The Elephant and the Human Baby

A headline caught my eye recently. It read, “Why Elephants Require Legal Personhood,” and was written by Steve Wise, the president of the Center for the Expansion of Fundamental Rights.

Stem Cell Theory v. Stem Cell Fact

Advocates of human embryonic stem cell research cover a vast spectrum on the political road map. They are not all Obamaites but it is interesting that many hold similar views, regardless of their official ties to the president and his philosophy.