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‘Intact’ Killing Deemed Inactionable

First do no harm the crux of the Hippocratic Oath that should inspire hope in patients that their doctor will always care for them in the best way possible. Yet, preborn babies and even expectant mothers seem to be exempt from this assurance. Where does it leave humanity when the most vulnerable among us cannot depend on others for help?

‘Abortion’ May Not Be What You Think

The definitions of the terms used in a discussion can and do change the outcome. The political maxim, “He who frames the issue wins the debate” applies in many situations including how the public views what abortion is and why it is either legitimate or illicit.

Demonizing Human Persons, Denying Human Rights

The news out of Nebraska this week is both sobering and shocking. Pro-life Americans hear that the abortion industry is dwindling, but Dr. Leroy Carhart, infamous abortionist in the U.S. Supreme Court partial-birth abortion case Gonzales vs. Carhart, would take issue with that apparent false claim.

Here’s Talking at You!

With increasing frequency, I find that some folks tune out as soon as the word “abortion” enters the conversation and then, there you are, talking basically to yourself.