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Obama Mandate–Extermination of Religious Freedom

The latest action from the Obama administration is but another sleight of hand designed to ignore the objections of those who have expressed concerns about providing insurance coverage to employees for birth control services while claiming that quite the opposite is true.

Limp v. Iron Catholic Spines

St. Paul was a ferocious defender of truth. When the Corinthian Jews turned against his teaching that said that Jesus was the Christ, St. Paul did not seek ways to placate them.

The Gospel of Fluke

Ever since the Obama administration chose to ramrod a policy that is anathema to Catholic doctrine, we have seen all sorts of machinations emanating from the media, twisting and mollifying the argument in order to remove clarity from exactly what it is Obama is attempting to do.

Contraception: The Avoidable Taproot

In all the commentary that has been written on the Obama contraceptive mandate, I have yet to see the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB) pronounce the fact that, regardless of the president’s action, Catholic people should never fall prey to the evils of contraception.