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Salivating at the Gates of Hell

Each day we have a choice. Follow where society seems to be leading away from morality and the laws of God or follow God. Yet we cannot simply be followers. We must also lead. We must lead our children, our grandchildren, our neighbors, our friends, and even people we don’t even know. Our society wants us to turn our backs on morality and live in the moment. But we know that we must live for eternity.

Election 2012: A Church Gone Astray

By Louie Verrecchio
In the days following [November’s] U.S. presidential election, a staggering amount of analysis has been focused on Republican messaging, demographics, and core constituencies, but it misses the most fundamental point entirely.

What Would Jesus Do?

My initial reaction was to feel sorrow for this fellow because he was sincerely trying to excuse the public embrace by members of the hierarchy of a man who has done nothing to advance any precept of the natural law.

The Gospel of Fluke

Ever since the Obama administration chose to ramrod a policy that is anathema to Catholic doctrine, we have seen all sorts of machinations emanating from the media, twisting and mollifying the argument in order to remove clarity from exactly what it is Obama is attempting to do.