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moral relativism

Is Murder Right or Wrong?

Educating our children about the sanctity of all of God’s children is imperative in today’s society. ALL’s Culture of Life Studies Program helps you shine light in our dark world.

Tolerance as Moral Principle

It seems to be the mantra of today’s society that we are told to be tolerant and to just accept the changes in morality that occur almost daily. Belief in God’s commandments is scoffed at. Holding fast to faith is looked down upon. When we allow morality to fade away and tolerance to take over, the face of God is obscured and His teachings lost. The result is a society also lost a society aching and hurting.

Moral Relativism: No MoRe Lies

Pope Benedict XVI has addressed the problematic nature of moral relativism (MoRe) on several occasions, including the effect that such thinking, which he calls a “dictatorship of relativism,” has had on young people across the world.

If Human Beings Were Whales

The headline is not a joke! It is in fact so uncharacteristically serious that there are barely printable words to express my horror. The headline from whence my speechlessness emanates is this: “‘Human rights’ urged for whales and dolphins.”