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Babies ‘Incompatible with Life’

The innocent, the hurting, the sick, or anyone crying for help should immediately evoke love and compassion. We should reach out to them, not shun them, not kill them. They were given to us to care for, and care for them we must. To do anything else is simply barbaric.

Morphing the Hideous into the Status Quo

We have spent too much time allowing others to dictate our morality while we simply sat back and watched events unfold. And we have plummeted into a selfish society where the sanctity of life has been discarded and forgotten. How many more souls will be lost if we let this continue?

The Miracle of Human Creation

A beautifully made video illustrates the beginnings and development of human life. This kind of tool is important in the education and enlightenment of others about the humanity of God’s children at all stages.

It’s a Gosnell World

There have been literally millions of words spoken and written about the 72-year-old abortionist who is now standing trial because of the aborted-but-born-alive babies he butchered.