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  • 19 min read

A non-comprehensive compendium of cases of patients who have awakened and/or improved following a diagnosis of persistent vegetative state, irreversible coma, or death Prepared with… 

Words Matter

TERMINOLOGIES ABORTIFACIENT: Any action that aborts a preborn child prior to the baby implanting himself in the wall of his mother’s womb. This word simply… 

Abortion Statistics

  • 4 min read

Current United States Data These statistics include only surgical and pill abortions. Because many contraceptive measures are abortifacients (drugs that induce or cause abortions), it is important not… 

Abortion Methods

  • 5 min read

There are three abortion classifications—surgical abortion, medical abortion, and chemical abortion. They are defined as follows: Surgical abortion: These are abortions that involve an invasive procedure. Major…